Why Use Yoga Jellies

YogaJellies come in pairs.

Go ahead, pose a little longer.

Maximize your exercise.

We’ve all done it. Sometimes in our zeal for health and wellness, we look past the body’s natural cues when things aren’t quite right. Maybe it’s a dull throbbing pain in the knees when we kneel down. Maybe it’s an occasional sharp pain in the lower back. As yogis or fitness enthusiasts, we’ve learned to work hard and persevere through challenges great and small. Yet sometimes our well-intentioned tenacity is counterproductive. We push through discomfort we shouldn’t ignore. YogaJellies allow you to minimize the setback from sore or injured joints so you can focus without pain on the challenge of growing, stretching, and exercise. By facilitating active recovery, YogaJellies can help you continue to challenge your muscles while protecting your joints. From yoga to the weight room, they are the perfect companions to your fitness routine

  • Flexible and lightweight 5.5-inch gel-like discs.
  • Made from non-toxic and latex-free silicon-based material.
  • Designed as a pad to provide cushion and support, and to relieve pain.
  • For use under the weight-bearing parts of the body.
  • Perfect for knees, hands, wrists, hips, elbows, and so much more.
  • Ideal for in-home use or commercial projects.
  • Created and designed in the USA. Manufactured in China.
  • Cleaning YogaJellies

    We recommend wiping down your mat at the end of each yoga practice with a quality alcohol–based mat cleaner. YogaJellies may also be cleaned with regular dish soap and water. Do not soak your YogaJellies. They don’t like to be soaked!

    If you notice a slight ring on your mat from your YogaJellies, don’t be alarmed. Just give your mat a nice wipe down with an alcohol-based mat cleaner and you’ll be ready to go!

    Do not store YogaJellies on your mat!

  • How to Use as Knee Supports

    Knee support

    Instant cushioning.

    Many poses in yoga involve the knees as the point of contact with the ground. For some, this proves challenging. Knees are also a common site of discomfort. Whether you have nagging injuries, osteoarthritis, or are simply tight from a long week at the desk, your exercise is still your passion. The instant and convenient cushioning and support that YogaJellies provide helps alleviate or eliminate knee pain. Your knees will appreciate the relief, and you’ll be happy that you can focus on your practice. 

  • How to use as Wrist Support

    Wrist support

    Increase flexibility.

    Wrist discomfort when you exercise can be a challenge to nailing that new pose or completing a tough workout. Our discs facilitate a careful and gradual approach to increasing wrist flexibility and strength by cushioning and supporting your body’s weight on these delicate and intertwining ligaments, tissues, and bones. YogaJellies help you feel rooted and stable, so you can focus on the whole body, not just the pain in your wrists.

  • How to use as Ankle and Arch Support

    Ankle and arch support

    Balance your pose.

    Flat feet and fallen arches can make standing poses challenging. If your foot type or ankle issues complicate the process of staying grounded, you’ll find YogaJellies to be a refreshing aid for safety and stability.

  • How to use as Hip Support

    Hip support

    Freedom to move.

    Despite regular exercise, too much sitting leads to shortened hip flexors and tight hamstrings. While yoga and exercise can help stretch, strengthen, and repair the damage caused by sitting, the extra support that YogaJellies provide can help eliminate your contact with the ground and associated lower back discomfort.